Selling your land? Call us. We are always on the lookout for high quality building sites in McLean, Great Falls, Vienna and Oakton. We may have clients who have been waiting for your location, or we might buy it directly, saving
you real estate commissions.


How do you get the highest value for your property?

The land price can be higher when selling to a retail buyer instead of a speculative builder because it is the end-user who pays the total cost of a completed home.

For decades we have worked with land sellers to maximize their value and returns by marketing a George B. Sagatov custom home to be built on their property.

Land is sold after a “feasibility study period”; it is part of any standard Land Contract. Sagatov will do the engineering and complete the feasibility study in advance. The cost of the site work is determined and several spectacular home designs are sited on the lot saving the time and expense of an architect. We alleviate all of the concerns buyers have before they make the monumental choice to proceed with buying a lot and building a home because of our sterling reputation and simplified process.

Our land sellers always go to closing immediately after the contract is ratified, without any negotiated delays such as waiting for building permits to be approved.

So then, do you have a building site to sell? Let’s talk.